A line crossed

After the dramatic prelude to their relationship, Mairead is happy to let James take the helm of their lives, even if his authority can be somewhat painful. Her unusual desires are finally free to be explored, under his administration, but accepting them in a politically correct world is not so easy.
While James meets all her needs in every exciting way, Mairead questions her capacity to be the woman he adores. Their new life together has brought unexpected challenges with James taking ownership of his nightclub Silver Dreams. Having caused enough disruption in his life, Mairead wants nothing more than to be his loving support, but trouble is never far away.
A shadow is looming with the approaching trial of a sadistic murderer against whom she must testify. When a dancer goes missing from the club, Mairead soon learns that she is not the only one with a troubled past and that others have darker secrets than hers.
While doing a little harmless investigation, Mairead suddenly finds herself the subject of interest and realizes that she has brought more trouble for James. Once again she must make decisions that could lead to devastating consequences and destroy the happiness she fought so hard to find. 

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Book 2 in The Line Trilogy. See also The Finest Line & A Line Drawn

- 1# Amazon UK Bestselling Erotica Thriller


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