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When Beth McMahon boards a train to escape her stepfather’s plans to marry her off, she has no idea where she’s headed. She has less understanding of the mysterious Mrs. Terrell who has helped her get away. She soon learns Mrs. Terrell is no demure widow and is headed west to be married to three brothers. For such an innocent, young girl, Beth is soon getting an education in some very sexual and explicit intimacies including loving discipline, something which seems to set Beth’s heart aflutter.

After a night’s sleep, Beth wakes to find Mrs. Terrell has gone and everyone believes Beth to be Mrs. Terrell. When she can’t convince them otherwise, she takes on her identity and begins to learn more about these intended husbands through the very sexual letters Mrs. Terrell has exchanged with them. Beth finds herself drawn to the eldest of the brothers, John Granger. Just his written words about discipline and submission are enough to make Beth nervous and just a little excited.

Arriving in the isolated town of Fairfield, Beth is soon acquainted with the three handsome men and it isn’t long before she finds herself turned over John’s knee. Though she likes the feel of his hand on her bottom, it’s his heart she craves. But her guilty conscience won’t allow her deception to continue. Will her confession mean harsh discipline or does she risk losing his love forever?

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of action, adventure, power exchange, ménage and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase. 



“So tell us,” Tom said as he perched himself on the rail of the front porch. “What’s she like?”

Jake grinned, leaning back in the rocker chair. “Well, Brother, you’re just gonna have to wait until she’s done napping.”

John stood frowning at him but then glanced at the letter in Tom’s hand. “So what does the letter say?”

“That’s confidential,” Tom replied. “Strictly between us doctors. I can’t be violating patient confidentiality.”

“Considering she’s about to become our wife, I think you can dispense with the bullshit and just fucking tell us anyway.”

Tom grinned. “I was going to, considering I’m not about to face this on my own. Doc Ross seems to think Charlotte suffered a nasty touch of heatstroke during the journey, but he’s concerned she may have some other oncoming malady. She’s given to bouts of flushing and turning quite red with her breathing becoming labored. He recommends monitoring her temperature for the next few days and rather than keeping her covered up to sweat it out, he wants me to keep her cool. I tend to agree with that school of thought. I’m also in complete accord with the treatment plan he recommends, a late morning enema followed by a lukewarm bath and a daily dose of castor oil with plenty of fluids got into her throughout the day.”

Jake grinned. “Hell, that sounds like a whole lot of seeing her naked.”

“Keep it in your pants,” John growled, glaring at him. “We ain’t married to her yet and until we are, you’re going to conduct yourself in a civil manner and don’t presume to do anything inappropriate. We’ll do what’s necessary and that’s all.”

“We are talking about the same girl here, Charlotte who wants her bare bottom spanked regularly and our mouths to be used simultaneously on three different body parts?”

“Yeah, I know what she wrote,” John sighed. “But writing about stuff and doing it are two different things. She might not be so adventurous in real life and she has to get to know us first. Let’s just take things slowly. The last thing we want is to do something which will upset her and send her packing.”


Excerpt Two


John closed the door and watched Beth walk further into the room. He could see how nervous she was and he scowled inwardly knowing something wasn’t right.

“If there’s something you’re not telling us,” he told her quietly. “Now would be the time.”

There was a pause, a slow raising and lowering of her shoulders before Beth turned to him with a smile which could only be described as angelic.

“I’m sorry; I’m not sure what you mean.”

“I mean,” John replied in a low growl. “I have absolutely no wish to subject a woman to anything that might possibly distress her. If I wasn’t sure there was a word which would stop any such incident, I’d be highly reluctant to continue to where this is headed.”

He watched her swallow nervously with her unfaltering smile before she replied. “Of course there’s bound to be some nervousness. It’s been several years since any physical contact has occurred between myself and a man. I hope a little timidity won’t bother you too much.”

“It won’t bother me at all. In fact, it inspires a desire to take charge of you and push the boundaries a little in case of any reluctance on your part. Get you over a hurdle, you might say. Would that appeal to you?”

Her lip quivered and she nodded. “Yes.”

“If it was called for, some gentle chastisement might be beneficial and give you the comfort and security of a firm paternal authority. Does that also appeal?”

This time Beth could only nod.

John smiled. “Good girl. Then trust me to do just that.”

He approached her slowly and put his hands on her shoulders, turning her around to undo the buttons at the back of her dress. She was trembling and he worked slowly, expecting her to scream out the safe word at any minute.

Beth remained silent even as her chemise was removed and she was left in nothing but her drawers. It was then, John’s own heartbeat sped up as he feasted on the sight of her shapely bottom.

He swore under his breath, stunned by the roundness and plumpness of her buttocks blooming outwards from a narrow waist and curving deeply inwards towards her thighs. It was a bottom worthy of his full attention and John snatched the chair from the corner and sat down after placing it behind her.

Beth looked back to see what he was doing and he frowned up at her. “Eyes to the front, young lady.”

He grinned as he saw her shudder again and obey with silent complicity. Breathing in deeply, John leaned forward and studied her bottom at eye level. He exhaled before his fingers went to the ribbon at the top of her drawers.