Living in the South Island of New Zealand, Catherine Taylor has been writing for nearly fifty years, publishing her first book in 2012 to enormous success. All her books have been top 100 in erotic thrillers and three of them have hit #1. Her adult thrillers are sexy, action-packed stories, where the explosive and the explicit combine to create unique plots filled with romance, sex, twists and turns.
Proudly independent, Catherine encourages other writers to self-publish, and mentors and supports aspiring authors with self-publishing tutorials in her hometown. With a degree in media arts, she designs her own covers, promos and book trailers.
When she isn't writing, Catherine is a wife of 34 years, a mother of four and a grandmother to four. Her other passions include genealogy, film-making and acting, and she has appeared in two feature films and worked on film sets alongside such greats as Anthony Hopkins. One day, she hopes to publish an autobiography, but she warns the facts of her life may be more extraordinary than her fiction.

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Catherine conducted her first self-publishing tutorial in September 2017 and has mentored several writers to successful publication of their stories. Contact her by email for the date, time and venue of her next event